Bulletin 1609 uninterruptible power supplies are designed specifically for industrial applications. They meet worldwide industrial and general purpose application requirements up to 10 kVA. These units are globally certified to provide backup AC power to bridge dips, sags, or brief line power losses.

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The American Power Conversion™ Corporation was started in a garage in 1981. Through years of innovation, we’ve grown to be a flagship brand of Schneider Electric™, and the industry leader in physical infrastructure and software solutions.

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Our technical advisors offer more than a decade of experience designing Eaton industrial UPS systems, Eaton commercial UPS systems, Eaton UPS systems for server rooms, and Eaton whole-building UPS systems.

Our clients include virtually every size and type of facility or enterprise that depends on an uninterruptible power supply system, including data centers, financial institutions, medical clinics, hospitals, office complexes, call centers, telco centers, server rooms, server closets and more.

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